Erectile Dysfunction Drug Side Effects

(It’s for this reason that women in the last stages of pregnancy are invited to have sex since the release of the hormone can encourage the beginning of work and bring on the initial contractions.) I believe its fair to say that millions of girls around the globe – and the Pfizer drug company – needs to be thrilled by this news!

Viagra occurred appointed as a medication that would help the user build and maintain an erection by encouraging blood flow to the penis. Since its conception and launch to the general public in 1996, Viagra has become the victim of a bad press. Having made an enormous impact on the lives of countless taken the world by storm, Viagras side effects have made both major news! But Viagra quickly became a household name for all the right reasons and had been shown to be a safe and effective medication that has brought joy to the lives of countless men and their spouses. Viagra was meant to help men who were physically unable to have sexual intercourse, but recent signs suggest that the drug can also encourage the emotional inclination towards sex.

This evidence appears to indicate that utilizing Viagra can promote feelings of desire and affection and put a guy in the mood for lovemaking! At this early stage of the study, it seems that using Viagra is raising the degree of the oxytocin hormone in the user’s mind. This hormone is associated with increased feelings of love and affection and with a desire for closeness, and elevated levels of the hormone are known to contribute to feelings of sexual arousal.Include that directly, this evidence suggests that Viagra not just physically empowers a person to have sexual intercourse, but it also makes him more inclined to wish to do so.

It seems that having taken Viagra makes the mind of the consumer more susceptible to emotional stimuli, which in turn assists the body in preparing for – and – having – sexual intercourse. And it’s now becoming clear that Viagra might have some surprising and beneficial side effects. This news is undoubtedly great news for impotent men and their loving spouses everywhere, and might also result in future medical discoveries that affect the lives of even more people around the world. The actual advantage of this newly discovered effect of using Viagra isn’t that gender is made manageable, it’s that the feelings of warmth and security and intimacy that sex can bring are stressed. Impotence can be a psychologically and emotionally damaging experience, and lots of couples find it negatively impacts all aspects of the relationship. Viagra has long been considered a miracle drug by these victims, but this new evidence suggests the drug can assist in the repair of the other troubles and worries too.

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